IPTV Lab upgrade

BCi adds EPG & Logo overlay functionality

Our engineers have recently completed the commissioning of a Thales ‘Jade’ unit and a Thales ‘Crystal’ unit. The Jade server can generate an EPG for any kind of architecture, including small or large head ends. It can provide national or regional program guides using advanced DVB-SI capabilities such as triggering, automatic bandwidth management, multi-route capabilities, and more.

The Crystal DTV logo inserter performs advanced video processing directly in the MPEG2 compressed domain completely avoiding the costly decoding/recoding process, thus preserving both video quality and customer investment.

The addition of these elements provides a suite of test options for complete ecosystems down to individual components.

BCi provides a range of IPTV test, architecture and integration solutions to Operators and Vendors. For more information please contact Mark Hooper on +447968 582391.