BCi integrates Marlin DRM in Test Lab

Marlin DRM added to BCi portfolio of IPTV, VoD & OTT TV integration and testing expertise

The Marlin solution meets today’s needs for content distribution and provides an end-to-end digital rights management (DRM) solution that is easy to use, efficient, cost effective and applicable to a variety of market requirements.  As well as TV over Broadband and TV over Mobile solutions, Marlin is particularly well suited to Over the Top TV or Internet TV solutions.

Marlin is already active in the market and has been deployed by SONY, Activila and is being trialled by Telefonica.  With its open source, community developed approach, Marlin delivers the most comprehensive and advanced DRM technology in the market today.

BCi has integrated the Marlin technology with other core hardware components into our IPTV testing lab to create a demo and testing environment to showcase Over the Top TV and Internet TV solutions.

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