Alfresco integration into back office

BCi completes Alfresco integration

Over 2 years ago BCi embarked on finding what they considered to be the best open source back office solution for its own use and as a possible integration for its clients. Having developed a set of functional and performance criteria we went out to find the best fit to our requirements. A number of contenders were assessed but it was clear that the Alfresco solution was the best match to our criteria.

As well as being a feature rich solution and generally stable it is well supported by the alfresco community. We we’re particularly interested in it’s potential to address some of our clients requirements and perhaps form part of a wider solution as a pre-integrated component.

BCi’s own integration of Alfresco as it’s back office and content management system has allowed us to improve internal processes, document management and even quality it now forms a core element of our ISO9001:2008 Quality standard.

For more information about BCi and how we can assist you please contact Mark Hooper on 07968 582391 or John Bartlett on 07801 959393.


Canvas selects Marlin DRM

BCi Partner Marlin selected for Canvas platform

The new You View  (Canvas) platform will consolidate the catch up TV offerings from the PSB’s (Public Service Broadcasters) into a single ‘over the top TV’ offering via a set top box. The platform partners have selected Marlin DRM for the protection of it’s content as it offers a flexible and ‘Open standards’ approach.

BCi are Marlin experts and have a working demo of the technology in their Southampton lab. The solution is set top based and demonstrates the encryption of content, storage on a server and playback on a set top box with a Marlin client. The demo also includes playback on a PC client.

As System Integrators BCi continues to innovate and adopt the leading technologies in the over the top TV market.