OTT TV and Game Consoles

Delivery of OTT TV and Games – can the STB do both?

We’ve seen the addition of OTT TV services on the games consoles. The Xbox 360 can access Sky content in the UK, although there we a few hiccups at first. Sony’s PS3 and the Nintendo Wii also provides access to OTT TV services. But can it work the other way around – can the STB support gaming and OTT TV?

Games consoles are specifically designed to provide a rich, immersive, engaging and (perhaps most importantly) interactive environment. All of this requires considerable and well purposed hardware (think physics engines for example). On top of that they then perform the task of rendering these images for consumption on our TVs, including OTT TV.

It doesn’t seem likely that STB’s will be able to flip the situation around and double up as the means of receiving OTT TV and providing a gaming experience comparable to the leading games consoles. Many STB’s do currently provide limited gaming experiences and there’s no doubt that there’s opportunities to develop and improve these. Maybe the STB manufacturers should consider making games consoles that provide TV services?

Why does it matter? If someone solves this then it could mean the reduction of so many boxes in the home. The integration of a great games console and a great STB would tick so many of the consumer requirements that they would be able, and very willing, to pay a premium. Imagine access to all of that OTT TV, playing great games, DVD playback, DLNA, etc all through a single device.