BCi supports Hosted Marlin Service

New Hosted Marlin Service will need specialist integration

The new Hosted Marlin Service provides a fast, simple and scalable means to add Marlin DRM to an on demand platform. Cloud based services are proving to be a key element in the deployment and operation of OTT TV (Over the Top TV) platforms. The Hosted Marlin Service will allow OTT TV stakeholders (content owners, subscription operators, content aggregators, etc) to add DRM protection to content.

Cloud based services bring a range of benefits and many offer great interoperability to other platform components. Despite this it is inevitable that these platforms will require a level of integration into an existing system or with the components of a new deployment.

BCi is a systems integrator with unrivalled experience in the integration and testing of on demand platforms, OTT TV and Marlin DRM technologies. We can help stakeholder bring their Over the Top TV platforms into reality.



BCi debates OTT TV deployment at Telecom Symposium

BCi adds OTT TV voice to Telecoms Event

Mark Hooper, BCi’s Operations Director was one of the panel debating OTT TV (Over The Top TV) and the deployment model for Telecoms Operators at the event in Poland.

The central theme in the OTT TV advice BCi provided revolved around choice. The industry as a whole has a long history of innovating and providing more choice to the consumer. If OTT TV is defined as “any content, at any time, in any location and on any device then, arguably, this could be considered the ultimate in choice. Perhaps OTT TV even represents the end point for adding more choice for the foreseeable future – what more choice could be given?

So OTT TV has a massive potential in terms of providing consumers vast amounts of choice. The real question here is will the industry ‘allow’ this full potential model to come to fruition? Some OTT TV stakeholders will want the full, open model as it will better serve their interests. Likely benefactors of the open approach will be content owners as it gets their content out to more eyeballs. The incumbent subscription Operators are likely to be less enthusiastic for a fully open model as it will hit revenues and perhaps even question their role in the delivery of content. If you can have an open OTT TV model (any content, any time, any where, on any device) and all delivered over the internet then where does the subscription Operator fit in?

So it’s all about choice: more choice for the consumer and the choice of what kind of OTT TV world we, the industry, allows to develop.