IPTV Consulting business continues to grow

BCi’s IPTV Consulting business grows despite recession

Mark Hooper BCi’s Director of Operations said today that BCi had seen continued growth in their IPTV Consulting business despite the pressures of the downturn.

Mark Hooper commented:

“The timing of the downturn co-incided with the emergence of IPTV technologies in the living room and on our computers and mobile devices.

Back in 2001 when the so called ‘dot com crash’ hit – it had the effect of halting all new developments. A lot of bad ideas and  poorly performing businesses went under but so did some good ideas and innovations.

This time Operators are reacting differently – although we are seeing them cut back on spend – they seem to be continuing with IPTV product developments but spending their money more carefully – they are looking for smarter and more cost effective ways of delivering IPTV.

BCi’s IPTV Consultancy business has benefited directly from this trend . Being purely focused on VoD and IPTV systems integration we are able to offer Operators the in depth IPTV expertise they need to ensure a successful deployment – but at a fraction of the cost of the big consultancies and system integrators.”

About BCi’s IPTV Consulting Business

BCi’s IPTV Consulting business helps Operators and Vendors throughout Europe safely enter the new and complex area of IPTV. BCi’s consulting team provide the expertise to allow operators to deploy IPTV products and services quickly and effectively without the cost overruns and technical complexities normally associated with the early implementations of new technologies like IPTV .

BCi’s IPTV consulting team help clients by offering the following IPTV Consultancy services:

  • Developing an IPTV market entry criteria
  • IPTV system Requirements capture
  • Identifying best of breed IPTV technology options
  • IPTV Architecture Design
  • Vendor selection
  • IPTV System Integration
  • IPTV Testing – Test strategy, planning, execution and reporting
  • IPTV Vendor management
  • IPTV Platform documentation
  • IPTV Project & Programme Management


IPTV Consultants BCi join Marlin Partner Program

PRESS RELEASE – IPTV Consultants BCi join the Marlin Partner Program

IPTV consultants BCi announced today that they are to join the Marlin Partner Program (MPP).

The Marlin DRM platform is an interoperable and open digital content sharing platform which provides a solution to protecting and sharing content across multiple media devices. The Marlin Partner Program is a market development and technology program available to leading technology solutions providers, System Integrators, VoD & IPTV consultancies and content management firms to help them promote the Marlin DRM solution.

BCi’s IPTV consultants will integrate the Marlin solution into their IPTV test lab in Southampton, UK as part of BCi’s continued investment in the latest IPTV and VoD infrastructure.

Mark Hooper, BCi’s Operations Director said:

“As leading VoD & IPTV Consultants and System Integrators it is imperative that BCi continue to grow our expertise with important leading edge technology in our market. The Marlin platform will be a very welcome addition to our Southampton IPTV test lab and our VoD & IPTV consultants and engineers will be able to develop considerable expertise in the Marlin solution.

BCi supports the use of open technology, such as Marlin, as it brings considerable benefits to the consumer and the wider community. Open standards invariably bring additional innovations, lower entry and ongoing costs and the option to introduce or remove technologies with greater efficiency”

BCi are privately owned VoD and IPTV consultants and systems integrators based in Southampton, England and established in 1997. BCi’s customers include the BBC, Sky Digital, Microsoft, Tandberg, Telenet, Siemens Business Services and Red Bee Media.

Marlin is an open DRM solution provider owned by Intertrust, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony. The five manufacturers joined together in 2005 to develop specifications for next generation content and rights management technology.

BCi Limited
Southampton, United Kingdom
8th June 2009

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