VoD & IPTV Consultancy

VoD & IPTV Consultancy throughout your project Life Cycle

With over a decade of experience in designing, integrating and delivering complex VoD and IPTV digital  on demand TV systems, BCi are able to provide specialist VoD and IPTV consulting services in a number of key areas throughout your project life cycle:

  • Pre-sales technical consultancy for digital TV systems vendors or service providers
  • Consultancy to assist with vendor selection for IPTV and VoD platform operators
  • VoD & IPTV Architecture & Design consulting services
  • Systems Integration – Consultancy expertise to advise, support or programme manage your VoD or IPTV implementation
  • Consultancy to design and execute your IPTV and VoD test programmes
  • Interim operational resources and support
  • Consultants to support & troubleshoot your IPTV or VoD platform

BCi are first and foremost VoD and IPTV consulting engineers and our mindset is one of problem resolution. Be it a bespoke system design or large scale systems integration problem our focus is the same – to find the most cost effective path to provide the client with the best solution for their business needs at the lowest possible cost.

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