Deployment Model

Deployment Model Experts in the design and build of IPTV and VoD platforms, BCi’s Architects, Consultants, Programme Managers and Project Managers are available to contribute at every stage of your IPTV or VoD platform lifecycle.

Whilst the services in this model can vary from project to project, all of these steps should be completed in a typical deployment to ensure effective operation and integration.  The earlier BCi get involved the bigger the impact we can make to your successful VoD/IPTV platform deployment.


This refers to a general consultancy/support service where not covered by the additional services listed on this page.

Pre-Sales Consultancy

Quite often the Systems Integrator is appointed after the contract has been signed and therefore after some of the key technical/architectural decisions have been made.

Once the Systems Integrator has engaged with the client, there is often a significant change in requirements. This short term service will cost little but will mitigate this risk considerably.

Project Planning

We will either act as your Project Manager or support them in their role to ensure the project is managed in accordance with your/client requirements.

System Architecture

This is a key deliverable in any platform deployment. Baselined requirements are assessed and used to create a draft architecture. This will be circulated for comment and once approved will form the reference document for many future services in the platform’s deliverables.

Vendor Selection

We are often required to work with a client to assist them in selecting vendors. As a professional services company we remain vendor neutral and so are able to act as an independent party.

Systems Integration

This will be the core service where we will spend most of our time. It is the act of implementing the architecture through a series of negotiations with vendors and the client, and configuration of the kit to ensure end to end operation of the platform.


This provides documentation of test strategies, plans and scripts. Approval of these documents normally leads into the execution of the plans and scripts. All test results are captured and managed through to resolution and/or closure.

Interim Operations

This would ordinarily be made up of members from the integration team who work alongside the internal technical operations teams. This allows a low risk transfer of the skills and knowledge required to successfully operate the platform. It may also include a process integration service. Without clear, demonstrable integration, operators may feel that they have bought an effective and functional platform but one which is relatively isolated in terms of its integration across a broad spectrum of core business processes/functions.


A crucial step where the client formally accepts the platform into live operation.

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