Over the Top Television set to change TV consumption in the home

Over the Top Television

Over the Top Television set to change TV consumption in the homeOver the Top Television services (also known as Internet TV or TV over Broadband) are soon to become common place in the home. Over the Top TV is the next natural evolution of the personalisation of how we consume audio visual content in the home.

Whilst traditional linear TV will still continue to provide the backbone of home viewing for some time, it is likely to be increasingly demoted in the home in favour of Over the Top TV services as the primary means to watch your favourite content. Over the Top Television represents a fundamental shift in TV consumption and whilst it brings many opportunities it will also carry many challenges.

So what is Over the Top Television ?

Over the top Television allows you to view content that is available over the internet. It is delivered via your broadband connection and so bypasses the traditional providers of TV services – hence the term over the top television.

Examples of current over the top TV services include video hosting services like YouTube, blockbuster films direct from the studios or even niche content from micro-operators. Viewing this content will be achieved either via a PC (which is what you can do now) or through a more integrated approach via an Over the Top TV enabled Set Top Box or Television.

Who are the Over the Top Television Stakeholders?

The main Over the Top TV stakeholders are likely to be:

  • Network Operators without their own content
  • Network Operators with their own content
  • CE (Consumer Electronics) vendors with their own content (E.G. – Sony)
  • CE (Consumer Electronics) vendors without their own content (E.G. – Samsung)
  • Super Aggregators – eBay, Google, Amazon, etc
  • Microsites and/or strategic partners (there will be huge potential for these Stakeholders)

What is BCi doing in Over the Top TV ?

BCi provides System Integration and Consultancy services for all aspects of IPTV and VoD technology including Over the Top TV. BCi have been responsible for many on demand platform deployments for Tier 1 providers across Europe and we remain a leader in the on demand TV field.

BCi have co-authored a white paper which explores Over the Top TV in detail and provides our view of the potential opportunities and likely issues associated with this medium. You can download the BCi OTT TV white paper, free of charge simply by clicking on the PDF icon below:

Over the Top Television set to change TV consumption in the home

If you want to find out more about how BCi can help you take advantage of Over the Top TV then contact Mark Hooper at

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  • Over the Top Television set to change TV consumption in the home