Zeebox connects Social Networking to TV viewing

Zeebox app will connect you, your friends and TV content

Zeebox is a clever platform that, via an app, will connect your preferences, your friends viewing and ratings and augmented programme information into a smooth channel guide on your companion device.

I like the Zeebox approach here for a number of reasons:

  • The Zeebox guide is available on the companion device (phone, tablet, laptop) and so doesn’t detract from the core viewing activity on the TV
  • Zeebox adds useful and relevant information to the content via a number of metadata sources
  • The Zeebox app adds in Social Networking elements so you can see what friends are watching and how they rate a particular programme

All very clever but will Zeebox be a winner with the consumer? I have had countless conversations with friends, family and colleagues that often expresses an annoyance over the disconnect between the content being viewed and the ability to link it to something else. For example my wife will regularly, and sometimes disingenuously, ‘wonder’ about the age of a presenter or actor on TV. This invariably results in a guess at their age and then confirmation on Google. Now I am not suggesting that Zeebox builds in an ‘auto age result’ into the feature set but it does show a link between what we watch on TV and the need to go to a companion device to find contextual information.

The need for consumers to enhance their viewing experience with contextual information and, increasingly, with a live connection to their friends via Social Networks seems to be with us and soon to be available via Zeebox.

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  • Zeebox connects Social Networking to TV viewing