BCi Partners

BCi is proud to work with the following partners:

Partners Endurance Technology is a leading outsourcing provider to the Digital TV and Broadband industries. Their experience ranges from implementing Telco TV to developing network infrastructure. Deployment work includes multiple set top box developments, interactive TV for cable operators and Telco TV systems integrations in North America and Asia Pacific.
Partners Marlin is an open-standard DRM technology that provides a unique set of capabilities to manage the relationships between a consumer’s content, devices and network services. Marlin has been successfully deployed in Japan as the national IPTV standard, in Sony’s PlayStation Network and in SyncTV video sharing service in the US. Marlin interoperates with Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM and extends its functions from mobile applications to consumer electronics home networks. Marlin was formed in 2005 by Intertrust Technologies Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Sony Corporation.
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