VoD & IPTV Testing

Cost effective, highly quality VoD & IPTV testing solutions

BCi recognise the importance that VoD and IPTV operators and vendors place on the ability to demonstrate conformity of both standalone and integrated components in their IPTV and VoD platforms. From our experience of integrating video on demand and IPTV systems across Europe, BCi have developed a robust testing methodology which captures and assigns responsibility for all test events at an early stage in the integration programme.

Clients can take also advantage of BCi’s broadcast integration VoD & IPTV test lab in Southampton, a complete hardware, software and network broadcast eco system built specifically for running VoD and IPTV test programmes.

BCI have also developed an innovative digital set top box-STB emulator able to simulate the behaviour of several thousand VoD or IPTV set top boxes in the test environment – thus improving the quality of the VoD & IPTV integration test program whilst significantly reducing costs and test timescales.

BCi also make use of cost effective onshore testing resources to ensure our clients receive high quality VoD & IPTV integration testing services but at costs normally associated with those found offshore.

VoD & IPTV Integration Testing

Through many successful IPTV and VoD platform deployments we have built a considerable understanding of the test cycles associated with the integration of these large complex platforms. Testing can consume a large proportion of the overall project resources, which is why we have developed several key approaches that mitigate risk.

  • Highly skilled, proven individuals with direct experience of VoD and IPTV testing
  • Use of BCi STB Emulator (massively simplifying Set Top Box related test cycles)
  • Extensive library of VoD & IPTV test cases
  • Use of a representative VoD & IPTV broadcast ecosystem at our Southampton Test Lab
  • ISO9001 accredited VoD & IPTV Testing House

VoD & IPTV Equipment Bench Testing

BCi offers a bench test option to support Vendors or Operators who require independent verification that a product conforms to a given standard or to a set of requirements. It draws on our considerable test experience and resources including:

  • The broadcast ecosystem at our VoD & IPTV Test Lab in Southampton
  • Highly skilled, proven individuals with direct experience of VoD and IPTV testing
  • Dedicated bench environment with extensive VoD & IPTV infrastructure (analysers, simulators, VPN, etc)
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